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A Peak at This Year’s ColorDance Music Festival

Words by Mat Roberts, Editor-in-Chief; Photos by Alyssa Nedrow

Yesterday, August 31st, the coming of the colors arrived at Poston Lake, Ohio, to greet an anxious bunch of Holi enthusiasts. We brought out a camera and our spirit to give you a peak into what this upcoming event had to offer. With vendors providing food, art, and activism, many decided to stay put and create the space into a large campsite.

Naturally, community began to form. Chalkboards for art, multiple dance grounds, and a stunning array of colors burst into the scene. The festival, adopting its presence around famous Hindi Festival of Color, became the unsung hero for exposing the rich culture of the primarily Ohio University audience to local Athens, Ohio’s music.

As we began to notice, the festival morphed into a grand community event. It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to throw colored powders made from plants, sign petitions, listen to the local jam, and be mystified by the true spirit of Color.



Sharing the joy of the colors.



Friends make their way to front stage..


The Community Chalkboard


Smile for the camera!



Lost in the sounds of music


Mat Roberts is the Editor-in-Chief of College Green Magazine. If he’s not lost in a good book (“Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn) or a good vegetarian meal, then Mat enjoys writing or tending to his lush garden…. 

 Alyssa, originally from Chardon, OH, is currently a photojournalism major at Ohio University. Alyssa has always been interested in different cultures’ and people’s stories…

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