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A Reminder of How Food Matters

Story by Chelsea Csuhran, Contributing Writer
Photos by Rebecca Ciprus

With spring on its way, it’s about that time to begin sowing the seeds for the upcoming harvest.  All that thought about food bears in mind a new club in bloom here at Ohio University.  Yesterday evening, Jackie O’s Brewery played host to Food Matters first meeting.  With a solid turnout of interested members, President Anna Chleboun and Vice President Janice Brewer got the group going with talk of upcoming food related events over some slices of fresh out of the oven Jackie O’s pizza.

Food Matters First, a new group on OU's campus met for the first time at Jackie O's. © Rebecca Ciprus
Food Matters First, a new group on OU’s campus met for the first time at Jackie O’s. © Rebecca Ciprus

While the organization intends to plan their own Food Matters specific events, they’re looking to work as a unifying group to promote any and all food related activities occurring within the Athens community.  The first item on the calendar of events they’re promoting is the “Stir the Pot! A Fundraiser and Celebration of Appalachian Activism” event, occurring this Saturday, March 22nd from 6-9pm at the Dairy Barn.  The evening will consist of a finger food potluck, music, dancing, and a silent auction and is open to the public.  In addition, Food Matters is promoting the Forest Garden Design Weekend at Solid Ground Farm occurring at 10am on Saturday and Sunday, March 22nd and 23rd.

For more information you can check out: or contact Weston Lombard at 740-856-6299 or

© Rebecca Ciprus
© Rebecca Ciprus

Present at the meeting as well was Dr. Theresa Moran, associate professor in the English Department and project leader of a new theme being introduced into the College of Arts and Sciences, which is based all around, you guessed it, food.   According to Dr. Moran, “The rationale for the Food Studies theme is that food helps to create cultural, national and regional identity and as well as personal relationships. The curricular theme of food allows students to think critically about an aspect of their lives – simultaneously deeply personal, public, and political – to which they can readily relate.”  The theme is intended to bring together a variety of disciplines, ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities, in order to get a broader look at food in its entirety.

Living within a community that sustains itself on local food, Food Matters is hoping to make headway in getting more people on board with being active in all things related to food.  The organization hopes to coalesce a variety of groups to dine on nourishing ideas and collaborate on different projects.  As we all know, good food is essential, and delicious, and Food Matters intends to share this idea in as many ways as it can.  Like George Bernard Shaw once said “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

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Chelsea Csuhran is a contributing writer to College Green Magazine.

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