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College Green Magazine’s Mission

College Green Magazine is an independent online publication dedicated to bringing the most provocative and engaging environmental news. As the public, most specifically in the Appalachian region we cover, begins to recognize the benefit of a sustainable lifestyle, we hope to bring that vision to life in our publication.

Our booth at the Student Involvement Fair, Fall 2013.
Our booth at the Student Involvement Fair, Fall 2013.

Our duty is about being another link in the information space. We are here to funnel into, comment upon, and coordinate the sustainability paradigm. As a staff we are hoping to form many memberships with like-minded organizations, such as the Ohio University Sierra Student Coalition and Student Union, to inform our audience about the environmental issues they need to hear. In essence, our publication is here to educate and inspire a life harmonious with our natural environment.

We are looking for writers, photographers, website designers, social media marketers, advertising and public relations, poets, authors, researchers, and all that have a deep passion for the Earth.

College Green also aims to instill a sense of pride in the area’s natural beauty and assets. Our goal can be summed up in the publication’s name. At OU, there is a section on campus known as “College Green.” It is a popular place for  students and residents to meet and exchange ideas. College Green is a place where the on-campus-off-campus line starts to blur. College Green hopes to further bridge the gaps among students, residents, and their shared environment.



 College Green Magazine Sections

– “Ohio University” covers everything happening in and around Ohio University. We have profiles of different progressive clubs and organizations around campus that are working to mobilize students to create change. This section offers everything from ways to get involved to resources for your next class paper.

  • Campus News
  • Activism
  • Bobcats Beyond Gas
  • Food Matters Club
  • Sierra Student Coalition
  • Jobs & Internships
  • Research Resources

– “News” covers the political and economic aspects of environmentalism. It explores the policies and regulations influencing businesses and their environmental impact. Along with local news coverage, News offers an Eco-Events Calendar for all local and environmentally friendly events. “News” has 5 sub-categories:

  • Calendar
  • Ecosystem
  • Climate & Energy
  • Politics, Business, & Tech
  • Commentary – columns, first-person narratives and guest submissions

– “Lifestyles” takes an look at human behavior and cultural trends. Articles in this category covers socio-ecological systems and provides personality profiles to highlight prominent environmental players as well as profiling different sustainable lifestyle tips, DIY instructions, and reviews. This category includes CG’s human interest stories.”Lifestyles” has 5 sub-categories:

  • Art of Living
  • Spotlight
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Reviews

– “Multimedia” focuses on the visual aspects of our community and ecosystem as a whole. The Multimedia section hopes to provide viewers with newsworthy and stimulating content that delves deeper in to our lifestyles and culture in the Southeastern Ohio region. “Multimedia” has 3 sub-categories:

  • Photo Friday – our weekly photo essay on a topic of the staff photographers choice
  • Creature Feature – a posting showing readers a native organism, it’s habitat and behaviors
  • Our feature and community spotlight pieces are more long-term photographic essays and narratives detailing issues relating to sustainability, community, and environment

“Health” is the section to go to if you want to find all things sustainable living. This section includes everything from healthy fitness tips to ways to improve your nutrition. We have also included all our staff’s favorite recipes, mostly vegan and vegetarian options. “Health” has 3 sub-categories:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Recipes


*Readers are allowed to submit comments at the end of each story. However, comments must be approved by the editor-in-chief before being posted onto the website. College Green will not approve any comments containing vulgar, obscene, false or potentially libelous statements.


Who Are We?

College Green Magazine is comprised of students in all areas of study at Ohio University as well as contributors who have strong ties to the Athens county community. If you want to read more about our staff, please check out our Staff Bios page.