Staff Bios

College Green Magazine is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students at Ohio University. While most members are journalism students, we strive torecruit from a variety of majors and backgrounds. If you would like to get involved in any way, please feel free to contact members of the Executive Board.

285391_3367557565221_946407609_nMathew Roberts, Editor-in-Chief

If he’s not lost in a good book or a good vegetarian meal, then Mat enjoys writing to save the Earth. He will be graduating from Ohio University with a B.S. of Journalism and an environmental studies certificate in May. In addition to the mission of College Green Mag, he also blogs for the Voinovich School, is an undergraduate researcher at CE3, and a student-member of the Kanawha project. He hopes to one day live beyond the walls of the modern city, to dwell in a community where the paradigm of sustainability is in full strut. He’s highly addicted to pierogies, chips and salsa, plants and herbs. One day you will see him riding his bike through Athens; be sure to wave! And one day Mat hopes to change the world. (

301365_3864399215157_1649337033_nGracie Umana, Multimedia Editor

Gracie is a senior studying Photojournalism with a specialization in Italian language. Gracie is currently the Photography Intern for the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs and is working with Project C: Clicking Creates Change. She loves warm puppies and great local and organic food. Mid-March will be the one year anniversary of her decision to be a vegetarian. One day she hopes to live in a progressive community supported by local agriculture. Her extensive backpacking trips as an early teenager have pushed Gracie to leave no trace (except through ideas and photographs, of course). Gracie is inspired by student activism and bright landscapes. In her spare time she enjoys binge eating chips and salsa, and when there is no more salsa, cuddling with the Mound Street neighborhood cat is the next best. And one day Gracie hopes to change the world. (


Lifestyles Edior POSITION AVAILABLE, (




1499445_10202730579765649_950985379_nAlyssa Nedrow, contributing photographer

Alyssa, originally from Chardon, OH, is currently a photojournalism major at Ohio University. Alyssa has always been interested in different cultures’ and people’s stories. Through photography, she hopes to share the stories of people she meets throughout life’s journey. Fun Fact: Alyssa can name all of the US Presidents in order. Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, is her favorite. And one day Alyssa hopes to change the world.



WhatIsMountainBrady Edgestaff writer

Brady Edge was raised in Hudson, OH. He likes guitars, empty pages, the Appalachian Trail, whole-hearted laughs, and the color of things that are the color green. If he could have lunch with 3 people, dead or alive, they would be Richard Feynman and David Foster Wallace, and you, to fill the imminent silence that accompanies the unfortunately deceased. His parents reside in New Franklin, OH, where he enjoys kayaking in lakes and pretending that the geese are exotic dinosaurs. Brady studies Biology and will be graduating this May.His immediate future hopefully involves working with adults with disabilities, and his dream is to have a house with at least 3 of the following: solar panels, a greenhouse, chicken, and children.

courtneyBCourtney Brooke, staff writer

Courtney Brooke, originally from the snow belt of Ohio in Chardon, is currently majoring in Outdoor Recreation and Education and receiving her certificate in Environmental Studies. She enjoys a good vegan meal and anything to do with music. In her free time she enjoys identifying trees, dancing around her room, and eating insane amounts of food in one sitting. Courtney plans on moving out West and hopefully working with an environmental education program after college. She hopes to one day change the world.


IMG_4157Janice Brewerstaff writer

Janice Brewer is a junior transfer student from Dayton, Ohio. She is majoring in Environmental Nutrition, which is a newly developed Applied Nutrition program through the Health Science and Professions College. She is also pursuing an Environmental Health Minor, a Business Administration Minor, and an Environmental Studies Certificate. She has gotten involved with the Athens community by working with Shagbark Seed & Mill and volunteering with Community Food Initiatives. On Friday evenings you may see here giving away free samples at Kroger. You may also see her at the Farmer’s Market working the Shagbark booth or Donation Station. To say that Janice is passionate about her studies would be an understatement. She plans to attend graduate school studying food systems and hopes to change the world through food.

liv2Olivia Harlow, staff writer

Olivia Harlow is a senior from Louisville, Kentucky, double majoring in Photojournalism and Journalism.  Her love of traveling the world has led her to pursue a specialization in International Studies.  Liv hopes that through her photography and writing that she can help give a voice to the voiceless and impact the lives of people around the world.  In her spare time, Liv is either training for triathlons, having dance parties by herself, or binge eating desserts at Fluff.  She’s overly obsessed with animals, especially lions.  And she most definitely believes in unicorns and fairies.  She hopes to circumnavigate the globe and eventually settle down out West.

1374377_542857475809256_1173876729_nOlivia Miltner, staff writer

Olivia is from Columbus, OH, and is a journalism student at Ohio University. She loves classical mythology and old movies, but Kung Fu Panda will always have a special place in Olivia’s heart. Yoga is her go-to stress reliever and she also enjoys archery, fishing, and hiking. Her dream job is to work for National Geographic an hopes to travel the world reporting on social and environmental issues. And one day Olivia hopes to change the world.





Social Media Coordinator, POSITION AVAILABLE,


IMG_4211Bernhard DebatinFaculty Adviser (

Originally from Germany, Bernhard Debatin has been teaching at Ohio University since 2000. He loves local history and exploring the area, knowing many (but not all) dirt roads and hiking trails in Athens County by now. He enjoys canoing on the area’s lakes and rivers in his lightweight Kevlar canoe that appears to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. He is particularly fond of the Raccoon Creek and he is an active member of the Raccoon Creek Water Trail Association. His longstanding interest in environmental issues led him to develop an environmental and science journalism course, incorporating field trips throughout the region to show students the effects of coal mining and other resource extraction on water quality and the environment.