Okra: All You Need To Know

By Olivia Hitchcock, CG Lifestyles & People When the African slaves stepped off the ships on the coast of the United States, they brought with them more than just manual labor; their cultures and traditions became intertwined with the identity of many Americans. Since the 1700s, okra, a vegetable native to Africa, has made its…

DIY: Purify your air with plants

Research by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has shown common house plants provide a number of benefits besides adding color to your space. NASA’s studies conclude that rooms with plants have up to 50% less airborne microbes. They also found that plants remove ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde – all toxins that originate from common household products – from the air.

DIY: Make homemade Vitamin C powder

I just took a stroll through CVS and saw a box of good ol’ ascorbic acid such as the brand Emergen-C can cost anywhere from $7 to $10! While such brands do work wonders, you are not only paying way more than necessary but you are also consuming a ‘dead’ product. Most off-the-shelf powders contain inactive enzymes. For half the cost you can make your own Vitamin C mixture, complete with live enzymes that ensure 100% assimilation of the vitamin into your body. Learn how!

DIY: Eating Organically

By CG Lifestyles & People Editor Sarah DeCarlo Eating organically can be a great challenge, especially for those of us with limited budgets. However, it has a large positive impact on communities through its support of local businesses and farmers, and it allows people to consume fewer chemically-altered foods. Below are a few suggestions on…