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Freelancers are always welcome to submit work to College Green as long as it fits within our editorial formula and its facts and assertions can be verified by reliable sources. Students are also welcome to submit coursework or stories that have been previously published. Those who wish to reprint work already published in another magazine or newspaper are responsible for knowing and following the policies of that previous publication.

Those interested in submitting freelance work must contact the appropriate section editor.

We encourage stories to contain a more in-depth examination of the proposed topic, providing a comprehensive picture and the necessary context to promote understanding. Our editorial falls within four sections: Ohio University, News, Lifestyles, and Multimedia.

  • “Ohio University” covers everything happening in and around Ohio University. We have profiles of different progressive clubs and organizations around campus that are working to mobilize students to create change. This section offers everything from ways to get involved to resources for your next class paper.
  • “News” covers the political and economic aspects of environmentalism. It explores the policies and regulations influencing businesses and their environmental impact. This section will also cover events on the Ohio University campus and in the Athens community.
  • “Lifestyles and People” takes an look at human behavior and cultural trends. Articles in this category covers socio-ecological systems and provides personality profiles to highlight prominent environmental players as well as profiling different sustainable lifestyle tips, DIY instructions, and reviews.
  • “Multimedia” focuses on the visual aspects of our community and ecosystem as a whole. The Multimedia section hopes to provide viewers with newsworthy and stimulating content that delves deeper in to our lifestyles and culture in the Southeastern Ohio region.

The following information must be included with your submissions: your name, year and major, involvement in other organizations (to avoid possible conflicts of interest), e-mail and, if applicable, when and where your story was originally published.


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