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DIY Bird House

By Asha Brogan, staff writer & photographer


Collect your supplies: As a college student, I tried to be as creative as possible. Instead of buying milk, simply pick milk cartons out of the local recycling, or for a slightly more classy approach, ask your favorite barista. Actual bird seed is best, but if you find this hard to acquire from a college campus some unsalted/unsweetened trail mix will do the trick. In addition you will need a thin stick, some scotch tape, some sort of string (dental floss counts), scissors, a knife, and a pen.


Trace out 3-sided opening with a pen on your milk carton and use your scissors to cut out the hole. I recommend using your dominant hand, unlike the example who was also trying to get a picture. Leave the fourth, top side attached.


zNow using an origami-like technique, fold up the flap to make an overhang/porch roof. You may use a pair of scissors to trim the flappy part to a desired shape. Take a piece of your scotch tape to secure the flap in an upwards position.


SONY DSCOn the corresponding sides of the carton draw an X, such as a placement for treasure. This is where you will place your stick-perch. You may either have your perch be a resting place before going in the door, or side to side (see final picture for details).


And using your knife, very carefully cut into that X creating the perfect place to thrust your stick in.


Using the sharp appliance of your choice, poke two small holes at the top. Using a piece of string about 9 inches long, insert string into holes and tie a knot at each end to create a loop for which to hang your birdhouse from.


Your birdhouse is now complete. Place the food in the bottom of the carton, hang from a tree, and commence endless birdwatching.


All photos by Asha Brogan

Asha is a girl of one too many interests which include, but are not limited too, horses (any animal actually), photography, baking, camping, kayaking, hiking, and writing. She is a first year student studying broadcast journalism at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She has many pets such as her beloved goose Guinevere and a very fat cat, all of which are being lovingly cared for by her perfect parents…

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