Eco-news in brief 1-17-12

By CG News Editor Kelly Doran

Researchers propose 14 measures for slowing global warming

The current issue of Science has a proposal to slow global warming. Researchers in the United States, Britain, Italy, Austria, Kenya and Thailand looked at ways to slow global warming, in addition to reducing soot and smog. The researchers came up with 14 measures for reducing climate change, for example, switching to cleaner diesel engines, capturing methane at oil wells and landfills and reducing methane emissions for rice paddies. They believe that if their measures for reducing climate change became widespread the amount of global warming in 2050 would be reduced by about one degree Fahrenheit. Also, the researcher believe that reductions in low-level ozone and black carbon would yield many benefits before 2050, like a reduction in premature deaths and more metric tons of food from farmers.

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Unusual number of dolphins washing up on the shore of Cape Cod

There have been between 40 and 50 common and Atlantic and white-sided dolphins found stranded close to the shore in several Cape Cod towns since Thursday. At least 20 have died thus far, according to Kerry Branon, a spokeswoman from an International Fund for Animal Welfare.  Branon also said that the total number of dolphins saved was 19, which she considered a good success rate since only 27 of the dolphins washed up were alive.  International Fund for Animal Welfare experts are not sure why so many dolphins are washing up now. Experts have three theories: the animals get caught in currents, the topography of Cape Cod might cause dolphins to get stuck or that since dolphins are social animals, when one is sick or injured, the whole group stays with that dolphin.

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