Eco-news in brief 11-1-11

By CG News Editor Kelly Doran

Plastic water bottle makers sued because of their “green claims”

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Balance and AquaMantra plastic water bottles.  Harris said the companies made artificial and deceptive claims about their water bottles’ recyclability and biodegradability.  This lawsuit is the first lawsuit to enforce the environmental marketing law in California, which says that it is illegal to label plastic containers as biodegradable because plastic takes thousands of years to break down and it might never break down in a landfill.  ENSO Plastics, which marketed the Balance and AquaMantra water bottles, said that their claims were true and that they have data to prove it.

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Photo essay: “How Soda Caps Are Killing Birds”

Photographer Chris Jordan has been documenting bird on Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, which is near the “Pacific Garbage Patch.”  Many albatross chicks die because their parents accidentally feed them plastic.

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Proposed greenhouse-gas fine for airlines

The European Union has created an Emission Trading Scheme to reduce climate change.  The plan is to fine airlines for their greenhouse-gas emissions, which may raise round-trip tickets prices from the U.S. by more than $30, but which the EU is hoping will inspire airlines and manufacturers to build more efficient planes.  United States airlines believe that this will cost them $3.1 billion over the next ten years.  The U.S. House voted to prohibit airlines from partaking in the program.  A vote is expected tomorrow from the International Civil Aviation Organization, which is expected to oppose the program.

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