Eco-News in Brief 12/8

We can’t stop watching these emus freak out about a ball! from Grist!

Athens County lagging in recycling efforts – The Athens News

Great piece by the ANews this week about recycling efforts in Athens County! “Athens County initiated the first curbside recycling program in Ohio in April of 1984,” [Tom O’Grady] said. “The program was begun by citizen volunteers to help solve the problem of a growing waste stream and concerns about the environment – not to meet state guidelines which didn’t exist at the time.”‘

201312621640970734_20The passing of a global icon – Nelson Mandela 

“Mandela rose from rural obscurity to challenge the might of white minority apartheid government – a struggle that gave the twentieth century one of its most respected and loved figures.

He was among the first to advocate armed resistance to apartheid in 1960, but was quick to preach reconciliation and forgiveness when the country’s white minority began easing its grip on power 30 years later,” Al Jazeera writes.

We also suggest Nelson Mandela: A Nation’s Father



Obama Orders Feds to Nearly Triple Renewable Energy Use
‘The government currently obtains more than 7 percent of its energy from renewable sources, according to a fact sheet distributed by the White House, but the president says recent increases in domestic energy production make a 20 percent target feasible by 2020. The higher target, the White House argued, would “reduce pollution in our communities, promote American energy independence, and support homegrown energy produced by American workers.”’




City Remains Firm on No Fracking Outlook – The New Political

The New Political reported this week saying “Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, was at the forefront of Monday’s city council meeting where the council proposed a resolution supporting the Athens County Commissioner’s opposition to an injection well that would be located near Torch, Ohio.”


Ruhil_AnirudhCGM Q&A: Can Analysis and Data be the new Change Agents?

NEW on collegegreenmag: I recently had the pleasure to speak to Dr. Anirudh Ruhil, Associate Professor and Associate Director of Research & Graduate Programs and an Associate Professor at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. After being inspired by a discussion he led as part of the CE3 Brown Bag lunch series on data analytics, I decided to get his perspective on the future of policy analysis and capturing data.


Fracking waste fills WV landfills under new rule

“The new rule specifies that landfills can accept unlimited amounts of solid waste from horizontal gas drilling, more commonly known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. The rule carves out an exception to a decades-old state law that limited landfills’ intake to only 10,000 or 30,000 tons a month, depending on their classification.” –


BobbyAvalos_05Athens Artist Profile: Bobby Avalos

NEW on During this first semester at Ohio University, we got to know Bobby Avalos. Bobby is a local artist, musician and caring peacemaker from Conneaut, Ohio. The art selected in this profile represents his love for watercolor painting and the sweet hymns of surreal naturalism…



Veggies at the Liquor Store—and 5 Other Ways to Bring Food to Your Community

“Out-of-the-box ideas for putting healthier food on our neighborhood plates—and make friends doing it.” Everything from ways to incorporate vegetables in your alcohol shopping to a restaurant serving “Iraqi-Jewish food publicly in the Middle East for the first time in nearly 70 years” here on



Intriguing Underwater Sculptures

“… these sculptures are not just dumped into the sea, but they change in their environment due to the water currant, countless micro-organisms, light etc. They slowly begin to erode, wear away and then plants grow on it and they become artificial reef and habitat for the marine life.”



The Post’s Green Beat: Another take on recent Nelsonville quake

This week’s Green Beat column from Ohio University’s The Post, featured Heather Cantino of the Athens County Fracking Action Network when she commented on the recent earthquakes felt in and around Athens County. “Our recent local earthquake may have been due to fracking,” Zach Wilson writes for The Post.

And if you’re stuck studying for finals, take a few minutes to drool over how cute these puppies learning to howl are:


Have a good finals week at Ohio University and a beautiful first week of snowy weather here in Athens County! It’s a winter wonderland out there, remember to take in how beautiful the world can be! Go for a hike in the snow or spend an evening by the fire with those you love. Enjoy this holiday season! – CGM Editorial Staff