Eco-news in brief 2-12

By CG News Editor April Jaynes

Voinovich School earns continued support from American Electric Power

The American Electric Power (AEP) gave $100,000 to Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs in 2012 to support graduate students as they engage in watershed research that benefits the southeast  region of Ohio. The AEP established the American Electric Power Watershed Research and Reclamation Professorship at the Voinovich School in 2005 with an endowed gift of $250,000. The gift funds watershed leadership programs and upgrades to software that supports the watershed restoration efforts. It is part of The Promise Lives Campaign which seeks to raise $450 million by June 30, 2015.  The continued gift has already secured more than $413 million toward its goal.

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 Winter storm buries Northeast U.S. 

Over the weekend, the winter storm in the Northeast, stretching from New York to Maine, affected more than 40 million people. More than three feet of snow fell in parts of Connecticut, and more than two feet accumulated on Long Island and in Massachusetts, causing coastal flooding and forced evacuations. President Obama declared a state of emergency in Connecticut on Sunday and ordered federal aid to help local emergency response efforts. More than 300,000 customers were without power by Sunday morning and flooding during the storm caused extensive damage to electric infrastructure in Massachusetts. A handful of people have died, including several elderly people who died of heart attacks while shoveling snow, and others have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while seeking refuge from the cold in cars. Transportation systems are slowly restoring.

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Mother Nature Network deems ‘Eight Species on Life Support’ 

1) Red-crested tree rat

2) Northern white rhinoceros

3) Rabbs’ fringe-limbed treefrog 

4) Yangtze giant softshell turtle

5) Pygmy tarsier

6) Pinta Island tortoise 

7) Hula painted frog

8) Baiji dolphin