Eco-news in brief 4-2

By CG News Editor April Jaynes

Ohio University’s Earth Month celebration kicks off 

The annual, worldwide celebration of Earth Month means a myriad of activities for Ohio University’s Athens campus this April. Tomorrow, The Common Experience Project on Sustainability will sponsor the film “Last Call at the Oasis” at the Athena Cinema. This year’s main event is the half-day Earth Day festival that will take place on April 22 to celebrate the environment through ways that do not require electricity. Activities will include yoga, smoothies, live music, swing dancing lessons and free pizza that will take place outside the Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Other events that will take place include a workshop about food security in the region and planting seedlings, sustainable landscaping, painting, restoring building surfaces, installing energy efficient building upgrades and an educational session outlining cost effective home upgrades and simple habit changes that can help lower utility bills.

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National Geographic photographs “Unlocking Icy Methane Hydrates” 

1) Japan’s Burning Hope for New Energy

2) Test Tower in the Tundra

3) Methane Mound

4) Molecular Mystery

5) A Feast for Ice Worms

6) Igniting Interest

7) Striking Fire

8) Tanks and Trade-offs

9) Shipping Gas

Mysterious malady kills almost half of America’s bees this year

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