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From Trashbin to Runway: A fashion show created from waste

They say one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well in this case, clothing. Ohio University students sent a powerful message on Nov. 14 with the very first “Trashion Show” on campus.

Eco Reps, a student led and environmentally focused group here at Ohio University, and members of the Office of Sustainability, held the Trashion Show in Tanaka Hall, last Saturday.

The intent of the up-cycled Trashion Show, was to focus on the importance of recycling but to combine a creative twist of fashion, as well. According to the Office Of Sustainability, the term “up-cycle” means “to alter something to increase its worth.”

One of the challenges of creating the trashion costumes, was that they needed to be entirely made out of recycled material and must be recyclable when completed.

All of the Athens community was welcome to attend the event, some were also given the chance to be designers, models, or voters of a specific trashion.

The show started off with a trashion workshop, which gave attendees the ability to create a costume on the spot. Models had the chance to walk down the catwalk, strutting and spinning in their newly designed trashions. A total of ten trashions were completed and entered into the show.

During the event, voters had the ability to text in their vote, which were then organized and counted at the end. Winning third place was “Trash-Man,” completely made out of cardboard boxes. Second place went to “Robot Thing,” a combination of cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and string. The winner went to “Tremendous Taylor,” a costume made out of plastic bags, string, and cardboard boxes.

The importance of recycling has been around for many generations, and as the environment’s health status declines, it only seems fitting to reiterate the importance of recycling in today’s society. On a campus as large as Ohio University, it is difficult to spread information that, may to some people, seem redundant. Creating an event that can appeal to not only environmentalists on campus but fashion-minded people as well, was a huge success, sending a message of conservation and reminding people why it is so crucial to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

Bess is from Columbus, Ohio and is a soon to be sophomore at Ohio University. Although currently an undecided major, Bess plans to enroll in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism next fall and eventually have a certificate in environmental studies. Her passion for environmental activism has given her incredible opportunities and opened her eyes to many possibilities. Writing about environmental ideas, issues, and trends is something Bess finds to be important, yet enjoyable at the same time…

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