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DIY: Beat dry winter skin

By Audrey Bonfig, CG Lifestyles & People

While I love the snow and crisp cold air of winter, I can’t say that my skin is as much
of a fan as I am. Cold, dry air is the perfect scenario for dry, burning, red winter skin.
But fortunately, I have a few tips to help keep dry winter skin at bay!

1. Drink lots of water!

Water is the ultimate form of hydration for the skin, and getting in your
eight glasses a day will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized from
within, not to mention give it a nice glow!

2. Try fish oil or vitamin E capsules

Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fish oil capsules, keep your skin cells
strong and moist and also helps to restore your skin’s natural oil balance.
Your body does not produce these fatty acids naturally, so it’s important to
get them by taking fish oil capsules or eating foods that are high in omega-3,
such as salmon and nuts.

Vitamin E is also very beneficial for your skin, but works in a different way.
Vitamin E is a powerful source of antioxidants, which means that it’s great at neutralizing free radicals that can cause damage to the skin. Basically,
vitamin E helps your skin repair itself, which is why it’s used so prevalently
for the treatment of psoriasis and acne scars. If you suffer from burning, red
skin, vitamin E will help to soothe the skin and repair it.

3. Invest in a good moisturizer

Winter moisturizers are very different from summer ones, and if you haven’t
switched over to a good winter moisturizer, it could a be source of many of your
dry skin problems. Summer moisturizers tend to be very thin and light, more
like a lotion than a cream. While they’re good for letting your skin breathe in
the humid summer months, they’re not as successful at protecting your skin
from the harsh winter winds.

Winter moisturizers tend to be a little bit thicker, and have more of a cream-
like consistency. The thicker formula acts as another layer of protection for
your skin, and will help ward off the drying effects of winter.

Look for a moisturizer that it is unscented, because if you have dry, raw skin,
and smear on a moisturizer full of perfumes and fragrances… let’s just say it
won’t be the most pleasant experience.

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