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Mad Leaf’s mission

By Cassie KellyPicMonkey Collage

During one of his many hikes at Valley of Fire State Park just outside of Las Vegas, NV, Brent Martin happened upon an idea that would fuel his desire to own a business as well as save the planet.

Martin established Mad Leaf Apparel, based out of Dallas, TX, in July 2014 with a mission to protect the environment. He found a manufacturer in New York who makes clothing out of recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton and decided to invest in a collection of tee shirts, jackets and hats.

“I wanted to do something different, something with an edge that will appeal to people who don’t normally by these products or don’t think about the environment,’” Martin said.

One hope Martin has for his company is that it will encourage people to become more aware of environmental issues. For example, he has heard rumors of people dumping waste into the same waterways where he and others fish.

“I want people to become educated who otherwise wouldn’t know what’s going on,” Martin said. “They need to understand these things could affect them and their kids.”

Brent Martin, founder of Mad Leaf Apparel.
Brent Martin, founder of Mad Leaf Apparel.

His goal with Mad Lead Apparel is to break the “tree-hugger” stereotype and show others that helping the environment is something everyone should care about.

“I want to bridge the gap with Mad Leaf,” Martin said.

Mad Leaf is partnering with many charitable organizations, as well. For every shirt purchased, one dollar is donated to Clothes4souls, a division of the nonprofit organization Soles4Souls, which aims to help those in poverty around the globe.

The business is growing, Martin said, and he soon hopes to open a store in Dallas and expand on a national level. He also has plans to add different styles, such as yoga pants, to the collection.

“I want Mad Leaf to turn into a brand movement to drive eco-awareness,” Martin said.

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