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Markowsky to give ‘Advanced Energy’ keynote speech

U.S. Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy James Markowsky is the keynote speaker for a two-day conference at Ohio University hosted by TechGROWTH Ohio. Photo courtesy of OU's Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs.

By Kelly Doran, CG News

U.S. Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy James Markowsky will speak tomorrow at Ohio University, along with other prominent speakers, on the difficulties of using coal in a carbon-constrained future.

Markowsky is the keynote speaker of a two-day conference, called “Advanced Energy — Investing in our Future,” at OU hosted by TechGROWTH Ohio. The conference began Monday and will run Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Walter Hall.

TechGROWTH Ohio is an organization that assists entrepreneurs in technology-innovative companies.

Day one of the conference had an Energy Entrepreneurs Panel, called “What I Know Now, That I Wish I Had Known Then.” Also on Monday, local businesses had the opportunity to showcase their services to potential investors.

Tuesday will begin with opening remarks from OU President Roderick McDavis.

Congressman Charlie Wilson, D-Athens, will discuss the Congressional perspective. Wilson has been a keynote speaker at previous Advanced Energy events.

Scott Miller, director of Energy and Environmental Programs at OU, will also speak.

Other topics include “Entrepreneurialism from the venture capital perspective,” “The unique challenges of energy innovation” and “Protecting your intellectual property during the commercialization process.”