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Meet Athens’ Environment and Sustainability Commission

 By Cassie Kelly

Brainstorming ideas at the Environment and Sustainability Commission community meeting.
Brainstorming ideas at the Environment and Sustainability Commission community meeting.

Athens has been progressivly moving toward a greener future and as of 2012, a new environment and sustainability commission has been put into place. The commission held their first community meeting on Oct. 15 to hash out what should be on the comprehensive plan.

Everyone who attended the meeting got into a small focus group and brainstormed ideas for certain areas of concern such as sustainable water, energy, air, food and transportation systems. Once they finished brainstorming they all took a vote on what they found most important. Many of those votes went towards protecting the Athens’ Farmers Market and banning fracking and use of injection wells.

A general consensus of those ideas will be released soon. They will be compiled into a plan to be presented to Athens City Council for further review. In the meantime, take a moment to get to know the members of the commission!

Paul Logue is Athens’ City Planner, he facilitates the commission meetings and takes the minutes. He has a dog named Ella and a nine-month-old son. He also brews his own beer and considers himself a Rock n’ Roll snob.

Cliff Hamilton is the environmental engineer for Ohio University. He lives in Athens with his three children and enjoys hiking and fishing.

Richard Linscott works for the Geology Department in urban planning at Ohio University as well as Donkey Coffee.

Tess Finney is a second-year graduate student in the environmental studies program and works in the Office of Sustainability. She is a vegetarian and loves O’Betty’s.

Meredith Price-Mullins was once a high school biology and environmental science teacher and now is a mother of two. She enjoys playing rugby and just started growing a garden.

Jennifer Cochran is an Athens City Council member and community gardener. She grew up on a tree farm and loves composting. She also just started mountain biking.

Emily Carnahan is a city planner and just moved to Athens in July. She loves Casa and she is learning to play the Appalachia Dulsimer.

Mathew Roberts is a recent graduate of Ohio University and now works for AmeriCorps in Athens. He started a cooking club and most favorite recipe to teach is black bean brownies. He also plays the guitar and enjoys gardening.

Ed Newman works for several different sectors of Athens including the recycling center. He started the recycle-mania board in Athens, which is on its 15th anniversary. He also (probably) has the biggest brick collection.