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OU Student Senate forms environmental committee

By Lucas Bechtol, CG News

Ohio University Student Senate passed a resolution Wednesday creating an environmental committee and opening it to students and the Athens community.

Senate has had a committee for the past two years, but the membership was restricted to senators, said Killian Evans, senator at large. Membership was extended because people have shown interest in joining.

“With so many people interested it wouldn’t be fair to keep it in just the senate,” Erin Dame, senator for the graduate college, said.

The committee will reach out to environmental groups on campus, such as the Sierra Student Coalition and Beyond Coal, said Joshua Felker, who came up with the idea for the committee.

The committee will give those groups “an end directive to make a greater impact on sustainability,” Felker said.

The committee will deal with sustainability goals for Senate. It will brainstorm long-term and short-term projects and objectives for Senate, Dame said.

It will also give senators a chance to work with other groups on campus to fundraise for speakers and events, Felker said.

How often and when the committee will meet have not been decided, though it will probably meet bimonthly or monthly, depending on the schedules of the people involved.

The person overseeing the committee has yet to be decided.

Felker wanted to form the committee because he wants to become a lawyer who specializes in environmental issues. He saw it as a way to make an impact on the field in which he wants to work, he said.

“I think that it’s a big deal to people on campus,” Felker said.