Multimedia Photos

Photo Friday: Back to Athens

Athens quickly revived when the university’s annual winter break came to a close. Despite the cold mornings and growing amounts of school work, students are looking forward to what the new semester holds. College Green photographers wandered the campus to visually capture their favorite places.

Court Street is cold and quiet in the mornings before the bustling students and commuters arrive. Photo by Brenna Hettler
Baker Center sends a friendly welcome to returning students. Photo by Faith Harkness
East Green is still quiet as students begin to filter in before the semester. Photo by Faith Harkness
Court Street continues the festive decorations even after the holiday break. Photo by Brenna Hettler
Photographer Faith Harkness captures the reflection of brick buildings and trees soon after one of the many rainy days we’ve had in Athens.
Students cut through College Green on their way to class. Photo by Brenna Hettler