Creature Feature Photos

Photo Friday: Squirrels

It is Spring Break at Ohio University but the chill of winter is still present. There are no blossoms on trees or many animals roaming, though a College Green photographer was able to capture a few squirrels around campus.

This squirrel, by the health clinic, minded his own business and dug for seeds and things.  Photo by Faith Harkness
Just off of Jeff Hill a squirrel eyes students suspiciously waiting for something to twitch so he can race up the tree and show everyone how fast he is. Photo by Faith Harkness
Near Jeff Hill this squirrel seems to be holding on for dear life as if the ground was more than six inches away. Photo by Faith Harkness
A squirrel on South Green stares down passing students in-between licking his feet, as if the students were going to jump off the cat walk and disturb his bath. Photo by Faith Harkness