Photo Friday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was just the other day and College Green photographers wanted to put together a series with you all the delicious food that was shared at the table. Enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kicking off the dinner with warm rolls. Photo by Faith Harkness
The table slowly begins to fill with delicious food. Photo by Brenna Hettler
Stuffing and other sides wait to be placed on the table. Photo by Faith Harkness
The turkey being cut is the final event before everyone can start lining up. Photo by Faith Harkness
Cranberry sauce waits patiently to be eaten. Photo by Brenna Hettler
More turkey is being cut by Ken Hettler. Photo by Brenna Hettler
The places are set and now it is time to be thankful and eat. Photo by Brenna Hettler
Everyone makes room for the pie and desserts. Photo by Faith Harkness
The desserts are almost as diverse as the dinner, but certainly just as delicious. Photo by Faith Harkness
Everyone waits expectantly in the last few moments before the pie is cut. Photo by Brenna Hettler