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Sustainability Film Series: Antarctic expeditions in “Ice and Sky”

On Wednesday, February 8, the Common Experience Project presented the third film of the Sustainability Film Series, “Ice and Sky,” which follows the story of Claude Lorius, one of the first leading glaciologists. After his first journey to Antarctica at the age of 23, Lorius, made several expeditions to the coldest parts of the planet to help gather scientific information on glacial climates, and is regarded as a leading researcher on paleo-atmospheric data, observing the air and mineral content of ice core samples. As a result of these samples, it is possible to imagine the climate, weather and state of the planet thousands of years ago, in addition to further understanding the rapid climate changes that have taken place since the Industrial Revolution.

On Wednesday, February 22, three short films will be presented as the next part of the series:

“Sonic Sea” – The world’s noise pollution is inflicting harm on the planet’s ocean life.

“Pangolin” – A single Pangolin is observed on its journey to China since its abduction from the wild.

“Monarchs: The Milkweed Mission” – A kaleidoscope of Monarch butterflies is examined on its migration from North America to Michoacan, Mexico.

These movies are not only stunning, inspiring and informative, but also free. The first 50 people will also receive free popcorn.


Upcoming Films:

March 15: “The Hand That Feeds”

March 29: “Landfill Harmonic”

April 12: “Catching the Sun”

April 19: “The Messenger—Earth Day Special”