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Video: College Green drills Court Street passerbys on fracking

Editors note: The poor sound quality in the film is due to the inexperience of yours truly. We tried our best in the editing process to clear it up.  Still you may need to turn your speakers up a bit. Just don’t forget to turn them down after!

College Green Magazine editor Austen Verrilli and Ohio University graduate student Lu Wu were on Court Street last week (2/17/12) interviewing students and locals about hydraulic fracturing.

The topic of the film was simple. There were two questions asked to anyone who would stop. First, “do you know what fracking is?”

Second we asked “what do you think of fracking?”

The results were mixed as we encountered people who were opposed to hydraulic fracturing.  There were also many people who were indifferent due to a lack of knowledge on the subject.  Finally there were some who thought local oil and gas are better option than the U.S.’ current overseas energy resources. One source explained how he thought soldiers’ lives and the lives of people in foreign countries should not be at the expense of resources we can get in the United States.

All of the people interviewed had one thing in common. They thought resource extraction should not come at the expense of livable land and consumable water.